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A. Lange and Sohne 1815 238.026

Movement: Manual

Case size: 40 MM

Case material: White Gold

Bracelet material: Crocodile – Black

Dial type: Silver Arabic

Water resistance: 30 metres

Title: A. Lange and Sohne 1815 238.026: Embracing Timeless EleganceIn the realm of luxury watches, few names carry the same aura of prestige and legacy as A.

Lange and Sohne. With a rich history spanning over 175 years, the German watchmaker has consistently mesmerized watch connoisseurs with their exceptional craftsmanship and commitment to perfection.

One such masterpiece that epitomizes their timeless elegance is the A. Lange and Sohne 1815 238.026.

In this article, we will delve into the intricate details of this remarkable timepiece, while also exploring the fascinating history of this iconic brand. Topic 1:to the A.

Lange and Sohne 1815 238.026

A. Lange and Sohne created the 1815 collection as a homage to the birth year of the company’s founder, Ferdinand Adolph Lange.

The 238.026 model, in particular, captures the essence of traditional watchmaking, fused with a touch of modernity. This manually-wound timepiece, with its 40mm case size, transcends styles and eras, making it a versatile choice for every occasion.

The purity of white gold case material further enhances the watch’s elegance, ensuring its presence on the wrist exudes understated luxury. Complementing the case is a crocodile black bracelet, which adds a subtle touch of sophistication.

The silver Arabic dial exudes timeless charm, while providing excellent legibility even in low-light conditions. With a water resistance of up to 30 meters, this timepiece is built to withstand the demands of everyday life.

Topic 2: The History of A. Lange and Sohne

Headquartered in the picturesque town of Glashtte, Germany, A.

Lange and Sohne was founded in 1845 by Ferdinand Adolph Lange with a vision to create the finest timepieces in the world. The brand quickly gained acclaim for their exceptional precision and uncompromising quality.

However, their legacy was abruptly interrupted by the turmoil of World War II, when the company was expropriated and ceased to exist. It was not until the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1990 that the great-grandson of Ferdinand Adolph Lange, Walter Lange, resurrected the brand.

Joined by a team of talented watchmakers, Lange’s unwavering determination and commitment to reviving the family legacy led to the reestablishment of A. Lange and Sohne in 1994.

Since then, the brand has continued to uphold its reputation as a pinnacle of German watchmaking excellence. Craftsmanship and attention to detail have always been the defining features of A.

Lange and Sohne. Each timepiece is meticulously hand-finished, with movement components undergoing rigorous inspection.

The brand’s dedication to excellence is reflected in every aspect of their watches, earning them numerous accolades and loyal patrons worldwide. A.

Lange and Sohne’s unwavering commitment to traditional watchmaking techniques has been coupled with technological advancements. The brand invests in research and development to innovate movements that push the boundaries of precision and reliability.

This blend of tradition and innovation has resulted in timepieces that embody the epitome of horological artistry.


The A. Lange and Sohne 1815 238.026, with its manual movement, white gold case, crocodile black bracelet, silver Arabic dial, and water resistance, is a testament to the brand’s unwavering pursuit of perfection.

It encapsulates the harmonious blending of traditional craftsmanship with contemporary design elements, making it a truly remarkable timepiece. A.

Lange and Sohne’s illustrious history and dedication to excellence have positioned them as an industry leader, admired by watch enthusiasts worldwide. With the 1815 238.026, the brand has once again set the benchmark for timeless elegance in the world of luxury watches.

As you embrace this masterpiece on your wrist, you not only become part of A. Lange and Sohne’s living heritage but also experience firsthand the resplendence of German watchmaking at its finest.

Topic 3: 1815 Collection

The A. Lange and Sohne 1815 collection pays homage to the founder of the brand, Ferdinand Adolph Lange, by capturing the essence of traditional watchmaking.

This collection is a tribute to his birth year and is characterized by its elegant and timeless designs. The 1815 collection features watches with manual movements, showcasing the brand’s commitment to preserving the art of mechanical watchmaking.

These meticulously crafted movements are a testament to Lange’s unwavering dedication to precision and excellence. The manual winding mechanism allows for a more intimate connection with the watch, as each turn of the crown becomes a ritual that brings the timepiece to life.

One of the standout features of the 1815 collection is its simplicity and classic aesthetics. The clean lines, Arabic numerals, and vintage-inspired designs pay homage to the pocket watches from the 19th century, representing a nod to Lange’s rich history.

The collection offers a range of case sizes, dials, and complications, ensuring there is a timepiece to suit every taste and preference. The 1815 collection embodies the essence of understated luxury, with its focus on functionality and timeless appeal.

Whether worn with a formal suit or a casual ensemble, these watches effortlessly elevate any look, adding a touch of sophistication and elegance to the wrist. Topic 4: The Design and Craftsmanship

The A.

Lange and Sohne 1815 238.026 exemplifies the brand’s unwavering commitment to design and craftsmanship. Every detail of this exquisite timepiece showcases the meticulous attention to detail that Lange is renowned for.

The 40mm white gold case of the 1815 238.026 exudes an aura of timeless elegance. The choice of white gold not only adds a touch of luxury but also ensures the case is durable and resistant to wear.

The polished finish enhances its aesthetic appeal, reflecting light with a captivating brilliance. Complementing the case is a black crocodile bracelet, further accentuating the watch’s refined and sophisticated look.

The use of crocodile leather not only adds a luxurious touch but also ensures comfort on the wrist. The strap is meticulously crafted and finished to the highest standard, embodying the brand’s dedication to exceptional quality.

The silver Arabic dial of the 1815 238.026 is a visual delight, with its clean and legible design. The Arabic numerals exude a timeless charm, highlighting Lange’s connection to traditional watchmaking.

The silver dial offers a subtle contrast against the white gold case, enhancing the overall aesthetic appeal of the timepiece. The sleek hour and minute hands glide gracefully across the dial, while the visually striking red “12” adds a pop of color and character.

The craftsmanship of the 1815 238.026 is not limited to its exterior design. Inside the case lies the meticulously hand-finished manual movement, showcasing Lange’s expertise in horological artistry.

Each movement component is carefully polished and assembled with utmost precision, ensuring the timekeeping accuracy and longevity that Lange is revered for. The movement of the 1815 238.026 can be admired through the sapphire crystal exhibition case back.

This transparent window allows enthusiasts to observe the intricate inner workings of the watch, from the beautifully engraved balance cock to the precision-regulating system. Every detail is a testament to the brand’s commitment to upholding traditional watchmaking techniques.

In the world of luxury watches, A. Lange and Sohne is renowned for its attention to detail and the exceptional quality of its timepieces.

The 1815 238.026 exemplifies this commitment to craftsmanship, blending traditional techniques with contemporary design elements. From the exterior design to the intricate movement, every aspect of the watch showcases the brand’s dedication to excellence.


The A. Lange and Sohne 1815 collection, with its elegant and timeless designs, embodies the brand’s commitment to preserving the art of watchmaking.

The 1815 238.026, in particular, showcases the perfect fusion of traditional craftsmanship and modern aesthetics. From the white gold case to the crocodile black bracelet, the silver Arabic dial to the meticulously hand-finished movement, this timepiece exemplifies the unparalleled standard of excellence that A.

Lange and Sohne is renowned for. As you embrace the 1815 238.026 on your wrist, you not only acquire a remarkable watch but also become part of a legacy that celebrates the timeless elegance of watchmaking.

Topic 5: Movement and Technical Specifications

At the heart of the A. Lange and Sohne 1815 238.026 beats a manually-wound movement, showcasing the brand’s commitment to traditional watchmaking techniques.

The movement, known as the Caliber L051.1, is meticulously crafted and finished to the highest standard, embodying Lange’s pursuit of horological excellence. The Caliber L051.1 is composed of 188 individual parts, each carefully designed and manufactured to ensure optimal performance and accuracy.

The movement oscillates at a frequency of 21,600 vibrations per hour, providing a smooth and precise movement of the hands. The manual winding mechanism allows for a personal connection with the watch, as each turn of the crown fuels the movement’s power reserve.

Speaking of power reserve, the Caliber L051.1 offers an impressive 55 hours of autonomy when fully wound. This generous power reserve ensures that the watch can be set aside for a day or two without losing its timekeeping accuracy.

It also adds convenience to the wearer’s daily routine, as the watch can be easily wound without the need for excessive manual winding. The movement is meticulously finished by the skilled hands of Lange’s watchmakers.

The bridges are adorned with traditional Glashtte ribbing and feature polished chamfers that catch and reflect light, further enhancing the visual allure of the timepiece. The balance cock, a signature element of Lange movements, is hand-engraved with intricate patterns, showcasing the brand’s dedication to fine craftsmanship.

Technical Specifications:

– Movement: Manual

– Caliber: L051.1

– Jewels: 23

– Power Reserve: 55 hours

– Frequency: 21,600 vibrations per hour

– Functions: Hours, minutes, small seconds

Topic 6: Complications and Features

While the A. Lange and Sohne 1815 238.026 is known for its simplicity and classic aesthetics, it does not compromise on functionality and features.

This timepiece offers a range of complications that enhance its versatility and appeal. The 1815 238.026 features a small seconds sub-dial, located at the 6 o’clock position.

The sub-dial provides a visually pleasing counterpoint to the silver Arabic dial, adding a touch of sophistication and balance to the overall design. The small seconds hand glides smoothly around the sub-dial, ensuring accurate timekeeping and adding a subtle dynamic element to the watch’s appearance.

In terms of water resistance, the 1815 238.026 boasts a rating of 30 meters. While it is not meant for deep-sea adventures, this water resistance level is more than adequate for everyday wear.

It safeguards the watch against accidental splashes and rain, ensuring peace of mind in various situations. The 1815 238.026 also features sapphire crystal, both on the front and the exhibition case back.

This scratch-resistant material offers excellent visibility and protection for the dial and the movement. The exhibition case back allows enthusiasts to marvel at the intricate inner workings of the timepiece, from the beautifully engraved balance cock to the precision-regulating system.

It offers a glimpse into the artistry and craftsmanship that goes into each A. Lange and Sohne creation.

Another notable feature of the 1815 238.026 is its versatility in terms of strap options. While it comes with a black crocodile bracelet, Lange’s attention to detail extends to providing flexibility for the wearer.

The strap can be easily swapped with different options, such as a brown leather strap or a stainless steel bracelet, to suit individual preferences and occasions. Additionally, the 1815 238.026 showcases Lange’s dedication to legibility, even in low-light environments.

The silver Arabic dial, with its contrasting black numerals, ensures excellent visibility in various lighting conditions. The elegantly designed hour and minute hands are filled with luminescent material, allowing for easy time reading even in the dark.

The A. Lange and Sohne 1815 238.026, with its impeccable movement and thoughtful features, truly exemplifies the brand’s commitment to watchmaking excellence.

From the meticulously crafted movement to its versatile strap options, this timepiece offers a harmonious blend of traditional craftsmanship and modern functionalities. Whether worn for formal occasions or as an everyday companion, the 1815 238.026 is a remarkable testament to the artistry and precision that define A.

Lange and Sohne. Technical Specifications:

– Complications: Small seconds

– Water Resistance: 30 meters

– Crystal: Scratch-resistant sapphire

– Strap Options: Black crocodile bracelet

– Luminescent Hands: Yes

Topic 7: When and What to Wear with A.

Lange and Sohne 1815 238.026

The A. Lange and Sohne 1815 238.026 is a versatile timepiece that effortlessly complements a wide range of attire and occasions.

Its classic and timeless design makes it suitable for both formal and casual settings, allowing it to be the perfect companion for any occasion. For formal events and business settings, the 1815 238.026 exudes a sense of elegance and sophistication.

Paired with a tailored suit, the watch adds a touch of luxury to the overall ensemble. Its white gold case, black crocodile bracelet, and silver Arabic dial harmonize with the refined aesthetics of formal attire.

The understated elegance of this timepiece allows it to make a statement without overpowering the overall look. When it comes to more casual settings, the 1815 238.026 can still shine brightly.

Whether paired with a crisp dress shirt and jeans or a relaxed button-down and chinos, the watch elevates the casual outfit to a new level of refinement. Its versatility ensures that it seamlessly transitions between different dress codes, making it suitable for both date nights and weekend outings.

The 1815 238.026 can also be a valuable companion for special events such as weddings or black-tie affairs. Worn with a tuxedo or a formal evening gown, this timepiece adds a touch of elegance and completes the sophisticated look.

Its sleek and classic design does not overpower the formal attire but rather enhances it, making a subtle yet distinct statement. Overall, the A.

Lange and Sohne 1815 238.026 possesses the versatility to adapt to various dress codes and occasions. Its timeless design ensures that it remains a stylish and sophisticated choice, regardless of the setting.

Whether you are attending a formal event, going on a casual outing, or celebrating a special occasion, this timepiece is a perfect companion that effortlessly complements any attire. Topic 8: Price and Value Proposition

As a luxury timepiece crafted with meticulous attention to detail, the A.

Lange and Sohne 1815 238.026 comes with a price tag that reflects its exceptional craftsmanship and quality. The price of this elegant watch varies depending on factors such as the retailer, location, and availability.

The A. Lange and Sohne brand has earned a reputation for creating exquisite timepieces that stand the test of time.

The 1815 238.026, with its manual movement and timeless design, represents the epitome of horological refinement. While the price may be considerable, it is a testament to the brand’s dedication to preserving the art of watchmaking.

When considering the value proposition of the A. Lange and Sohne 1815 238.026, it is important to take into account the brand’s rich history, exceptional craftsmanship, and attention to detail.

The heritage and legacy that come with owning an A. Lange and Sohne timepiece go beyond its monetary value.

Each watch is a testament to the brand’s commitment to excellence and passion for watchmaking. The high level of craftsmanship exhibited in the 1815 238.026 ensures not only its longevity but also its precision and accuracy.

A meticulous hand-finished movement, coupled with the use of premium materials, guarantees an exceptional timekeeping experience that owners can enjoy for years to come. Furthermore, A.

Lange and Sohne watches are known to hold their value well over time. This is due to the brand’s limited production quantities and the strong demand for their timepieces.

As a result, investing in an A. Lange and Sohne watch, such as the 1815 238.026, can be seen as a wise choice, as it retains its desirability and potential for appreciation in value.

While the price of the 1815 238.026 may be considered a significant investment, it is one that offers not only a remarkable timekeeping experience but also a tangible connection to the brand’s rich heritage and legacy. The value proposition of owning an A.

Lange and Sohne watch extends beyond its aesthetics and functionality, encompassing the pride of owning a piece of horological artistry that can be passed down through generations. The A.

Lange and Sohne 1815 238.026, with its exceptional quality, timeless design, and enduring value, stands as a testament to the brand’s commitment to preserving the art of watchmaking. While its price may represent a significant investment, the value of owning such a timepiece goes beyond monetary considerations, offering a lasting connection to craftsmanship, heritage, and the joys of owning a haute horology masterpiece.

As you embrace the 1815 238.026 on your wrist, you not only acquire a luxurious companion but also become part of the legacy and timeless elegance that define A. Lange and Sohne.

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