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Audemars Piguet Edward Piguet 25911OR.OO.D002CR.01

Movement: Automatic

Case size: 29 MM

Case material: Rose Gold

Bracelet material: Crocodile – Black

Dial type: Silver Arabic

Title: Unveiling the Elegance of the Audemars Piguet Edward Piguet 25911OR.OO.D002CR.01Captivating Innovation and Timeless Sophistication

In the realm of luxury watches, few brands encapsulate the essence of opulence and precision quite like Audemars Piguet. Among their iconic timepieces, the Audemars Piguet Edward Piguet 25911OR.OO.D002CR.01 stands as a testament to the brand’s exceptional craftsmanship and timeless design.

This article delves into the captivating details of this horological masterpiece while also exploring the rich history of Audemars Piguet. Topic 1:to the Audemars Piguet Edward Piguet 25911OR.OO.D002CR.01

A True Mechanized Marvel

The Audemars Piguet Edward Piguet 25911OR.OO.D002CR.01 boasts an automatic movement, allowing for precise timekeeping without the need for manual winding. As a result, wearers can revel in the effortless elegance this timepiece exudes.

With a case size of 29 MM and crafted from lustrous rose gold, this watch gracefully adorns the wrist, speaking volumes about the refined taste of its owner.

Exquisite Craftsmanship

The bracelet material of the 25911OR.OO.D002CR.01 is crafted from luxurious black crocodile leather, blending comfort and style seamlessly. It is a testament to Audemars Piguet’s commitment to excellence, showcasing their ability to source the finest materials and forge them into exquisite timepieces.

The Silver Arabic dial typeset adds a touch of sophistication, enhancing the watch’s legibility. The contrast between the silver dial and the rose gold case creates an alluring allure that captures the attention of onlookers, making the timepiece a statement of style and distinction.

Topic 2: The History of Audemars Piguet

Inception of Excellence

Audemars Piguet, a Swiss luxury watch manufacturer founded in 1875 by Jules Louis Audemars and Edward Auguste Piguet, has become renowned for its unparalleled commitment to craftsmanship and innovation. From its humble beginnings in the Valle de Joux, the brand has grown to be an emblem of horological artistry.

The Pioneer Spirit

During the early years, Audemars Piguet embraced their pioneer spirit by creating pioneering inventions and complications for watches. One of the brand’s most notable achievements came in 1892 when they introduced the world’s first minute-repeating movement in a wristwatch.

Building on Success

Throughout the years, Audemars Piguet produced a series of ground-breaking watches, including the first self-winding wristwatch with a perpetual calendar in 1955. This achievement solidified the brand’s reputation as a trailblazer within the industry.

Design Ingenuity

Aesthetic appeal has always been a key aspect of Audemars Piguet’s watches. In the 1970s, they revolutionized the industry with the Royal Oak, a bold and daring design crafted in stainless steel.

Later, the Royal Oak Offshore collection pushed the boundaries even further, captivating watch enthusiasts with its sporty allure and uncompromising style.

Continuing Legacy

Today, Audemars Piguet’s commitment to intricate craftsmanship and timeless design is showcased in each of their timepieces. From traditional classics to modern marvels, the brand continues to redefine what a luxury watch represents, earning the adoration of collectors and connoisseurs around the world.


In this article, we have explored the exquisite details and craftsmanship of the Audemars Piguet Edward Piguet 25911OR.OO.D002CR.01, a timepiece that exemplifies the brand’s dedication to creating horological masterpieces. We have also delved into the rich history of Audemars Piguet, a brand that has shaped the course of watchmaking with its pioneering spirit and innovative designs.

From the early days of minute-repeating movements to the iconic Royal Oak collection, Audemars Piguet continues to captivate and inspire, solidifying its status as a true legend in the watchmaking industry. Topic 3: Edward Piguet Collection

Capturing the Essence of Elegance

Within the Audemars Piguet family of timepieces, the Edward Piguet Collection stands tall as an embodiment of enduring elegance. The collection pays tribute to Edward Piguet, the co-founder of the brand whose name it bears.

Each watch in this collection is a masterpiece in its own right, showcasing the exceptional artistry and attention to detail that Audemars Piguet is renowned for. The Edward Piguet Collection encompasses a range of styles and complications, ensuring that there is a watch to suit every taste and preference.

From timeless classics to contemporary designs, the collection strikes a perfect balance between refined aesthetics and technical excellence. One notable timepiece in this collection is the Audemars Piguet Edward Piguet 25911OR.OO.D002CR.01.

With its automatic movement, this watch epitomizes the blend of art and engineering that defines the Edward Piguet Collection. Crafted from exquisite rose gold, the case exudes a warm and inviting presence on the wrist.

The 29 MM case size is versatile, making it suitable for both men and women who appreciate understated luxury. Topic 4: The Design and Craftsmanship

A Marriage of Form and Function

The design and craftsmanship displayed in the Audemars Piguet Edward Piguet 25911OR.OO.D002CR.01 exemplify the brand’s unwavering commitment to excellence. Every intricate detail of this timepiece showcases the mastery and artistry ingrained in Audemars Piguet’s DNA.

The meticulously crafted crocodile leather bracelet, in elegant black, exemplifies the fusion of comfort and style. Its soft and supple texture provides a luxurious feel against the skin, while the contrasting stitching adds a touch of refinement.

The attention to detail in even the smallest aspects of this watch demonstrates the brand’s dedication to creating a harmonious whole. The silver Arabic dial type offers a captivating and legible display, enhanced by the timeless sophistication of the Arabic numeral indices.

The meticulous precision in the dial’s design ensures optimal readability, while the glossy finish adds a touch of elegance. The use of rose gold for the hour markers and hour and minute hands creates a captivating contrast against the silver backdrop, elevating the aesthetic appeal further.

At the heart of the Edward Piguet 25911OR.OO.D002CR.01 beats Audemars Piguet’s automatic movement. The movement’s reliability and precision are a testament to the brand’s dedication to horological innovation.

Each movement is skillfully assembled and meticulously regulated, ensuring impeccable accuracy and a robust power reserve. The automatic winding system seamlessly charges the movement with the wearer’s natural wrist movements, eliminating the need for manual winding.

The aesthetic appeal of this timepiece extends to every element, including the crown. The crown, adorned with the Audemars Piguet logo, serves as a visual reminder of the brand’s distinguished heritage.

Its functionality allows for easy setting and adjustment of the time, contributing to the overall user experience and convenience. In true Audemars Piguet fashion, the Edward Piguet 25911OR.OO.D002CR.01 showcases impeccable finishing techniques.

The combination of brushed and polished surfaces creates a play of light and shadows, highlighting the meticulous attention to detail. From the polished case sides to the intricately engraved case back, every aspect of this timepiece is a testament to the brand’s pursuit of perfection.


The Audemars Piguet Edward Piguet 25911OR.OO.D002CR.01 and the entire Edward Piguet Collection epitomize the brand’s commitment to timeless elegance and exceptional craftsmanship. With its automatic movement, rose gold case, and black crocodile leather bracelet, the 25911OR.OO.D002CR.01 embodies the perfect marriage of form and function.

The attention to detail in its design and the meticulous craftsmanship displayed throughout demonstrate why Audemars Piguet remains at the forefront of luxury watchmaking. The Edward Piguet Collection stands as a testament to the brand’s enduring legacy and unwavering dedication to creating timepieces that are true works of art.

Topic 5: Movement and technical specifications

Pushing the Boundaries of Precision

The Audemars Piguet Edward Piguet 25911OR.OO.D002CR.01 is equipped with an automatic movement that showcases the brand’s commitment to mechanical excellence. The movement, meticulously crafted and assembled by Audemars Piguet’s skilled watchmakers, combines precision and reliability to ensure accurate timekeeping.

The automatic movement features a series of intricate components, including a rotor that powers the winding mechanism. As the wearer’s wrist moves, the rotor oscillates, transferring energy to the mainspring and keeping the watch running smoothly.

This self-winding mechanism eliminates the need for manual winding, adding convenience to the ownership experience. In addition to its automatic winding mechanism, the movement also encompasses other technical features that contribute to its exceptional performance.

It boasts a high-frequency balance wheel, vibrating at 28,800 beats per hour, ensuring accurate timekeeping with minimal deviation. The movement also incorporates a hacking seconds mechanism, allowing for precise time setting to the exact second.

To further enhance the reliability and durability of the movement, it features a shock-resistant design. This ensures that the sensitive components within the movement remain protected, even when subjected to external forces that may occur during everyday wear or accidental impacts.

The engineers at Audemars Piguet have conducted rigorous testing to ensure the longevity of the movement, providing peace of mind to the wearer. Topic 6: Complications and Features

Unveiling Intricate Excellence

While the Audemars Piguet Edward Piguet 25911OR.OO.D002CR.01 is an elegant and minimalist timepiece, it still houses remarkable complications that add depth and functionality to the watch. These complications showcase the technical expertise and innovative spirit of Audemars Piguet, elevating the overall horological experience.

One of the notable features of the 25911OR.OO.D002CR.01 is its water resistance. With a water resistance rating of 20 meters (65 feet), the timepiece is built to withstand splashes and brief immersion in water.

This feature adds versatility to the watch, allowing the wearer to enjoy its elegance in a variety of environments. The Edward Piguet 25911OR.OO.D002CR.01 also offers a date display, located at the 3 o’clock position on the dial.

This complication adds practicality to the watch, allowing the wearer to keep track of the day of the month with just a glance. The date disc is meticulously designed to ensure optimal legibility and seamlessly integrates into the overall aesthetic of the watch.

Another notable complication is the exhibition case back. Crafted from sapphire crystal, the case back offers a glimpse into the inner workings of the automatic movement.

This feature allows watch enthusiasts to appreciate the intricacies and beauty of the movement, showcasing Audemars Piguet’s commitment to transparency and craftsmanship. The Audemars Piguet Edward Piguet 25911OR.OO.D002CR.01 is also endowed with luminescent hands and hour markers.

In low-light conditions, the luminescent material emits a soft, glowing light, ensuring that the time remains easily readable. This feature adds practicality and convenience to the watch, allowing for effortless timekeeping regardless of the lighting conditions.

Additionally, the timepiece features a scratch-resistant sapphire crystal, both on the front and the exhibition case back. Sapphire crystal is known for its exceptional durability, protecting the dial and movement from scratches and ensuring the longevity of the watch’s pristine appearance.

The Audemars Piguet Edward Piguet 25911OR.OO.D002CR.01 is a testament to the brand’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of horological craftsmanship. From its technical specifications, including the automatic movement and shock-resistant design, to its unique complications and features, this timepiece demonstrates the fusion of tradition and innovation that Audemars Piguet is renowned for.

Whether worn for a casual outing or a formal occasion, the 25911OR.OO.D002CR.01 is a testament to refined aesthetics and impeccable engineering in the realm of luxury watches. Topic 7: When and What to Wear with Audemars Piguet Edward Piguet 25911OR.OO.D002CR.01

A Timeless Accessory for Every Occasion

The Audemars Piguet Edward Piguet 25911OR.OO.D002CR.01 is a timepiece that effortlessly combines classic elegance with modern sophistication. Its versatile design makes it suitable for a variety of occasions, allowing the wearer to make a statement of refined taste and style, no matter the event.

Formal Attire

For formal occasions, the Edward Piguet 25911OR.OO.D002CR.01 exudes a refined and understated charm. Pair it with a tailored tuxedo or a classic black suit for a black-tie event.

The rose gold case and black crocodile leather bracelet provide a touch of luxury that complements the formal attire, while the silver Arabic dial adds a subtle contrast to the ensemble. Whether attending a wedding, a gala, or a sophisticated business event, this timepiece will command attention without overpowering the overall outfit.

Business Attire

When it comes to business attire, the Edward Piguet 25911OR.OO.D002CR.01 strikes the perfect balance between professionalism and style. Its sleek design and timeless elegance make it a suitable companion for a range of business settings.

Pair it with a well-tailored navy or gray suit, and let the watch evoke an air of confidence and success. The black crocodile leather bracelet adds a sophisticated touch that complements the formality of the workplace.

Casual Elegance

The Edward Piguet 25911OR.OO.D002CR.01 can effortlessly transition from formal to casual settings, adding a touch of elegance to everyday attire. For a more relaxed yet refined look, wear it with a crisp white shirt, tailored trousers, and a blazer.

This combination exudes a sense of effortless style that is sure to turn heads. Alternatively, pair the watch with a well-fitted polo shirt and jeans for a smart-casual look that strikes the perfect balance between comfort and sophistication.

Sporty Chic

While the Edward Piguet 25911OR.OO.D002CR.01 leans more towards classic and formal aesthetics, it can also add a touch of refinement to a sporty ensemble. Pair it with a sharp tracksuit or a polo shirt and tailored shorts for a sporty-chic look.

The juxtaposition of sporty elements with the elegance of the watch creates an intriguing fusion of styles that conveys a sense of individuality and confidence. Topic 8: Price and Value Proposition

A True Investment in Timeless Luxury

The Audemars Piguet Edward Piguet 25911OR.OO.D002CR.01 is a timepiece that epitomizes luxury and craftsmanship, and with that comes a corresponding price tag. As a high-end luxury watch, it is important to consider the investment value and the proposition it offers.

The Edward Piguet 25911OR.OO.D002CR.01 features 18k rose gold and exquisite materials such as crocodile leather, enhancing its exclusivity and desirability. The intricate details, impeccable finishing, and precision movement contribute to the watch’s value and justify its price point.

Considered an investment piece, an Audemars Piguet watch holds its value well over time. Its reputation as a prestigious brand and its track record of producing timeless and iconic designs ensure its desirability among watch enthusiasts and collectors.

As a result, an Audemars Piguet timepiece, such as the Edward Piguet 25911OR.OO.D002CR.01, can potentially appreciate in value over the years. Beyond its monetary value, the value proposition of the Edward Piguet 25911OR.OO.D002CR.01 lies in the ownership experience.

By wearing this watch, one gains access to a world of horological excellence, exquisite craftsmanship, and timeless aesthetics. Audemars Piguet’s commitment to innovation and precision means that each timepiece is a reliable and accurate companion for a lifetime.

The brand’s heritage and reputation solidify the value of an Audemars Piguet watch. The meticulous attention to detail, from the design to the selection of materials, ensures a level of quality that is synonymous with the brand.

Every aspect of the Edward Piguet 25911OR.OO.D002CR.01 is carefully crafted and engineered, embodying the brand’s pursuit of perfection. In conclusion, the Audemars Piguet Edward Piguet 25911OR.OO.D002CR.01 represents the pinnacle of luxury and craftsmanship.

Its versatile design allows for seamless transition from formal to casual settings, making it a truly timeless accessory suitable for any occasion. While the price point may be exclusive, the investment value and the ownership experience of wearing an Audemars Piguet watch make it a symbol of elegance and a true statement of refined taste.

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